Industrial Marketing

As a matter of fact, it is rocket science. And engineering. And chemistry. At the Collaborative, we specialize in industrial marketing. We’re quite comfortable getting our heads and our arms around complex, high-performance industrial products and services—from thermocouples and colloidal dispersion solutions to microbrew stabilizers, jib cranes, and O-seal valves. More importantly, we know the roles and personas of the people who influence and make complex B2B purchasing decisions, how to reach them, when to reach them—and how to engage them.

Let’s be honest. It seems like everything about marketing to B2B customers has changed. Just about everything has, except the fundamentals. You still must identify and typically reach multiple decision makers. You must engage them through longer sales cycles with compelling content that articulate your differentiation. But you also must be on top of your game with not only traditional—but all new marketing channels, metrics, and strategies—your web presence, email marketing, pay-per-click ads, blogs, social media, analytics, lead generation and sale conversion strategies.

At the Collaborative, we help you do just that. Experienced and grounded in B2B marketing fundamentals and knowledgeable in the new marketing realities, we help you develop marketing strategies to position your company and grow your business—winning minds and winning hearts for your B2B brand, your company, and your products.

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