B2B Marketing

Let’s face it. We’re not selling the latest eye cream. Or even a cup of coffee. In our work world we’re dealing with complex, roll-up your sleeves and get-to-the-bottom-line marketing scenarios. Delivering results is the name of our game.

This is the world of the Business-to-Business marketing. Companies that sell and partner with other companies. Companies that need to market to multiple people in multiple rolls, all of whom influence the buying decision.

At the Collaborative, our specialty is helping companies effectively market to other businesses. We understand the realities of positioning a business to grow and compete. Since 1992 we’ve partnered with clients to develop competitive marketing strategies, and the tools to put them into action. From branding, creative, and media strategies, to rolling out those strategies through advertising, production, all types of media.

If you’d like to explore how we can help you, let’s talk.