Corporate IDs and Logos

Creating a logo for a new product or service is the first step in any branding communications process. It is also a key element sometimes to rebranding a company’s corporate image.

Advertising Collaborative has developed a proven step-by-step methodology that provides an orderly process which is guaranteed to deliver effective logo and brand identity design that will be approved by all.

To achieve this, the agency employs a team approach involving your staff and our Marketing/Creative design team using a simple 3-Step process.

Step 1. Includes an Executive Briefing session with your people to establish objectives and the desired product or corporate positioning. This is followed by a visual audit conducted by the agency of all your communications materials that will be using the new logo. Written corporate brand identity and logo guidelines are prepared and also agreed upon during this step in the process.

Step 2. Signature/Logo Design. The Collaborative’s team will then develop a number of preliminary design explorations based on the approved signature guidelines for review and critique by management. Designs are then refined in several steps for presentation and final selection. Legal department approval is usually a requirement during this time. Further logo evaluation may also be preceded by focus groups with key client customers, if desired.

Step 3. The newly approved final logo design is then shown in all major uses of communication such as letterhead, envelopes, business cards, exhibit signage, checks, purchase order forms, etc.  Following usage approval, reproduction artwork, including EPS files and PDFs are delivered to the client.

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