Website Development

We can’t compete with 12-year olds—at least on cost. Sure, even the owner’s kid can build a website today—and make it look pretty. We’ve even seen a few. But if you’re serious about building one for your business that’s relevant, rich in content, optimized for search, and generates leads, we can help you convert prospects to customers, which is quite another story. One we’d like to tell you about.

Certainly, we value great B2B website design. It’s fundamental and essential to attracting customers—once they’re there. But there’s so much more.

Your website’s content better be optimized to lead prospects and customers there. And it had better be relevant and engaging to keep them there. At the Collaborative, we bring vast B2B marketing experience to the process. We help plan, design, and develop websites with rich, meaningful, content aligned with your corporate and product brand strategies. We track, monitor and analyze your website traffic and visitor behaviors to ensure optimum performance. Anyone can build a website. But it takes marketing expertise to build one that also builds your brand, builds traffic, and builds sales.

  • Site Planning
  • Design
  • Content Development
  • E-Commerce Development
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Website Analytics
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