Print Advertising

Think it’s dead. Not so fast. Sure, it’s changed dramatically but B2B print advertising is not only relevant, it’s even making a quite a comeback in some circles. Rather than competing with electronic options, it’s often embracing and even integrating those technologies into even more powerful print campaigns. With the right strategy and tactics, print is highly targeted. It doesn’t “evaporate” with the click of a mouse. And print media still garners considerable trust.

At the Collaborative, we can help you integrate print advertising into your B2B marketing and communications strategy for more powerful ad campaigns. That includes innovative strategies for and driving offline prospects and customers online to your website, blogs, online videos, social media pages and more. And interactive apps like QR Codes that can load images and videos from the printed page and display and play them instantly on mobile phones.

Sure, we provide all the services you’d expect from your B2B agency from design, copywriting, production and media planning and placement. But we also bring you something more—marketing strategies, campaign ideas, and tactics that produce the kind of results that just might have you embracing print all over again.

  • Print Media Campaign Planning and Strategy
  • Print Media Placement
  • Print Ad Campaign Creative Concepts, Copywriting, and Design
  • Print Production Services
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