B2B Brand Strategy

Our BrandirectTM branding path is a disciplined process that helps companies create a new brand strategy for their products or services.

We work with B2B clients using this proprietary process to refine a client’s brand strategy to increase sales and margins, and to make selling easier.

Branding is understanding & managing the perceptions and expectations of a company’s customers, prospects, stakeholders and employees.

Brand Image
A brand’s image includes all the anticipated outcomes customers expect from doing business with you, or purchasing your products or services.

Brand Management
Brand management is defining those outcomes and organizing them for maximum customer loyalty and profitability.

Brand Identity
Brand identity is what a company wants its audience to know, feel or understand about their product or service. It is the central concept of the brand
It’s what…

  • Separates the brand from competition
  • Focuses & aligns employees
  • Guides each department and inspires them

Some of the symptoms of poor brand strategy for B2B companies are long, arduous sales cycles; high selling costs; and sales efforts that always seem to come down to price-only competition.

If you find this is what’s happening to you, and you’re motivated to invest the time, energy, and money to change it, let’s talk.