It’s always nice when the people who make the presentation and win your business are the same people who actually handle your business and do the work. At the Collaborative, the people you meet the first day are the people who work with you everyday. No hand-offs to junior staff, rookies or newbies.

To start, you get the expertise from a 35+ year marketing industry veteran—a hands-on, roll-up-your-sleeves kind-of-guy with the level of knowledge, experience, and talent you want and need at the table—from our President, John Zimmermann. He knows the business and B2B marketing like the back of his hand. It doesn’t hurt that John started his career on the B2B client side at Leeds & Northrup Co. (instrumentation manufacturer). It’s “inside” experience that’s provided real-life insight and instinct into how things really work on the corporate side that just can’t be replicated for “outsiders” with meetings, downloads, and data dumps.

John made the career leap into marketing and communications, following in his father’s footsteps at one of the great agencies, NW Ayer (America’s first advertising agency) working with clients on major brands that are still market leaders today. In 1992 he opened his own practice, Advertising Collaborative, to bring B2B marketing services with strategic, big picture thinking that seemed to be lacking with the typical ad agency experience.

If you want to work with top, senior-level talent to help build your brand and grow your business, call us. Speak directly with John, leave him a message or send him an email. We don’t have any gatekeepers. In fact, we don’t even have a phone tree.


John Zimmermann
John [at] AdCollab.com


  • B.S. Electrical Engineering – Tufts University
  • 35+ Years B2B, Corporate, Consumer, and Retail Marketing Communications
  • Big Picture Strategic Planner


No one in business today has time to waste. Advertising agencies who misunderstand your products or services are a hazard to your business. I started my career as an electrical engineer. Since moving into marketing advertising and communications, I have specialized in B2B industrial and technology marketing (and also helped a few retail clients move the needle along the way). It is this technical background that helps make our learning curve short, and our results accurate and to the point.

— John Zimmermann

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